If you need professional Tax Consultation in English,
please feel free to contact me.

RSU, ESPP, Stock Option
Tax Optimization, Complicated Japanese tax system
Blue Retrun, Tax Refund, Bookkeeping, Reporting
Company Establishment, Incorporation
Legislation, LLC
Salary, Withhold tax
Realestate Sell/Buy/Lend
Sock Sell/Buy/Dividend
Special Tax Deduction for Housing Loan, etc.

In these days number of English speaker is increasing in Japan,
However they do not understand Japanese compicated Tax regulation.
On the other hand, most of CPTA(Certified Pubic Tax Accountant : Zeirishi)
cannot read/speak/undersand English.
So that it is very difficult to find the right person to manage
Tax planning and optimization.
It is very sad situation for Foreign People living in Japan.
I, as an English speaking CPTA, am pleased to help you
with all my energy and knowledge and experience.
We provide you Professional services with reasonable price as below.
Now I am covering Kawaguchi, Soka, Koshigaya, Urawa,
Saitama, Akabane, Tokyo, Tochgi, Fukushima, Aichi pref.,
and expanding Nationwide service.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Chikara (Chad) Ishida
Certified Public Tax Accountant (Zeirishi)
Chozo, Kawaguchi, Saitama perf.
(only 2 minutes walk from Tozuka-Angyo station)
e-mail : chad.ishida@ishiyan.jp

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Taxpayers Individual Income tax
individual income tax, salaries and wages
exemption for dependents for relatives living outside japan


代表税理士 石田力
e-mail : chad.ishida@ishiyan.jp